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Your name in Japanese

Your name in Japanese

Your English name: Eko wijayanto
Your Japanese name, in rōmaji: Eko Uaizeiantsu
Your Japanese name, in Katakana: Katakana representation
Your Japanese name, in Hiragana: Hiragana representation


Letter Sounds like...
a a in father
e e in edge
i i in macaroni
o o in ocean
u u in truce

Consonants are pronounced much the same way as English consanants.

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So which one do I use? Rōmaji is the romanization of the Japanese language, and thus it is merely a replacement for when the use of Japanese characters is unavailable or not recommended. However, if you wish to write your name using Japanese characters, Katakana is the way to go: it is generally used to transcribe words and names from other languages. Hiragana would not normally be used, and it is here only for reference.

And how much can I trust this? These translations are done by a computer, but that is not to say that these translations is useless. While it may sometimes not choose the best syllable for the job, it is fairly accurate. However, we make no guarantees of accuracy.